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General Motors Records Impressive 21% Surge in Third&Quarter US Sales
Oct 03, 2023 16:19pm

General Motors Co. announced a substantial 21% surge in U.S. auto sales for the third quarter. This boost is attributed to improved supply chains and a continued high demand for GM''s SUVs and pickup trucks. During this period, the Detroit-based automaker saw a rise in quarterly sales from 555,580 vehicles the previous year to an impressive 674,336 vehicles. U.S. auto manufacturers have experienced a surge in sales as consumers opt for new vehicles, encouraged by better availability and enticing financing options. In parallel, rival Toyota Motor Corp reported a 12.2% increase in third-quarter U.S. auto sales, with Kia and Hyundai also enjoying higher sales figures. However, a coordinated strike led by the United Auto Workers (UAW) targeting specific facilities at the Detroit Three automakers poses a threat to the availability of new vehicles in the fourth quarter. As of Tuesday, GM had a solid inventory of 442,586 vehicles. While the impact of the latest strike was not explicitly addressed, a 40-day UAW strike in 2019 resulted in a 6% dip in fourth-quarter sales that year, costing the automaker $3.6 billion.

Source:iShook Finance
Here are 6 reasons Nigerians love Toyota cars
Oct 03, 2023 13:13pm

Toyota models of cars account for the highest number of vehicles on Nigerian roads. This is such that out of read more Here are 6 reasons Nigerians love Toyota cars

Toyota Motor Corporation: CJPT strengthens efforts in Japan and Thailand to achieve carbon neutrality and solve logistics issues
Oct 03, 2023 03:10am

Toyota City, Japan, Oct 2, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies (CJPT) will accelerate efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and solve logistics issues together with a n…

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Furniture factory gutted at Industrial Area, Phase II, Chandigarh
Oct 02, 2023 23:40pm

Chandigarh, October 2 A furniture factory was gutted in a major fire at Industrial Area, Phase II, here today. The factory, Shyamji Trading Company, is owned by Subhash Mittal, brother of devotional singer Kanhiya Mittal. An adjoining unit, Ind-Swift, a medicine factory, also caught fire and suffered damage. Fire officials said the cause of fire could not be ascertained and they had started investigation to find it out. Total estimated loss is yet to be assessed by the fire officials. According to the officials, they got a fire call around 8 am. Following the call, fire teams were rushed to the spot. "Five or six fire vehicles, which did several rounds of the spot, were pressed into service. The fire engines made around 50 rounds refilling tanks during the firefighting operations," said a fire official at the spot. To control the fire, they also used 10-12 drums of foam. Iron as well as wooden furniture, along with material such as sheets and clothes, were destroyed in the fire. The entire ground floor of the factory, which had a temporary shed on the first floor, was gutted.

Source:The Tribune
Toyota: Risk Of A Value Trap Rising
Oct 02, 2023 21:00pm

Auto giant Toyota stock has seen a 30%-plus move since spring. Click here to read why we think investors should avoid TM stock after the big run.

Source:Seeking Alpha
Q4 Stock Predictions: 7 Auto Stocks Ready to Roar Into 2024
Oct 02, 2023 20:33pm

In recent times, the buzzing topic in the realm of auto stocks has been the strike initiated by the United Auto Workers Union. However, peering beyond this immediate hurdle, long-term investors should be more interested in the prospects of autonomous driving and the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs). These transformative trends, vibrant in potential, should be the guiding stars. Hence, the ideal auto stocks to buy are those that are effectively poised to embrace future-forward shifts while trading at attractive prices. With a whopping 79.4 million units in global auto sales in the backdrop, there’s no denying the importance of auto stocks in curating a robust investment portfolio. As we dive deeper, here are seven auto stocks to buy that stand out from the crowd. Auto Stocks To Buy: Toyota ( TM ) Source: josefkubes / Toyota (NYSE: TM ) is not just a legacy brand with a storied past in the automotive realm, but it’s now forging ahead toward a charged future. The company’s recent announcement of a comprehensive EV strategy marks a pivotal turn.

Q4 Stock Predictions: 3 Flying Car Stocks Ready to Roar Into 2024
Oct 02, 2023 17:16pm

In the ever-evolving investment realm, the theme of flying car stocks is catching on. Groundbreaking advancements in the sector are propelling the best flying car stocks. Moreover, these pivotal moments have effectively paved the runway for the commercialization of flying cars, with takeoff expected in the next 18 to 24 months. While we’ve seen impressive ascents in some of the top flying car stocks, insiders believe we’re merely taxiing on the runway, gearing up for the real flight. For those pondering over the potential size of this market, it’s best to hold onto your aviator glasses. Allied Market Research predicts a market valuation of roughly $215.5 million by 2025. Fast forward a decade, and we could be cruising at an altitude of $3.8 billion by 2035. Also, Morgan Stanley has a staggering forecast of a $1.5 trillion market by 2040. Hence, it’s time for investors to buckle up as the future of transportation is taking to the skies. Joby Aviation ( JOBY ) Source: kolesinibimitresku / In the bustling world of eVTOLs, Joby Aviation (NYSE: JOBY ) has positioned itself as a frontrunner.

Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Hyundai, Toyota sales in September 2023: A Comparison
Oct 02, 2023 10:30am

The festive season has bolstered the sales of vehicles helping automobile majors, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Hyundai and Toyota registering good sales in September 2023. Brezza, Tata Nexon facelift, Urban Cruiser, Punch, Grand Vitara and Exter have been in high demand in the Indian market.

Toyota Motor Corporation: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing wins world title with Power Stage push
Oct 02, 2023 06:34am

TOKYO, Oct 2, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team has successfully retained its crown as manufacturers'' champions* and guaranteed another clean sweep of FIA World Rally Cha…

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Bank of Japan survey shows manufacturers optimistic about economy
Oct 02, 2023 01:43am

TOKYO (AP) — Business sentiment among big Japanese manufacturers improved in July-September for the second straight quarter, according to a central bank survey released Monday. The Bank of Japan’s “tankan” quarterly survey measured business sentiment among major manufacturers at plus 9, up from plus 5 in June. Sentiment among major non-manufacturers rose four points to plus 27, in the sixth consecutive quarter of improvement and the most positive result in about three decades. The tankan survey, conducted every three months, measures corporate sentiment by subtracting the number of companies saying business conditions are negative from those replying they are positive. Tourism, which has lifted the world’s third largest economy in recent years, was hit by the pandemic. But incoming travelers have gradually returned to near pre-pandemic levels. The negative effects of COVID-19 on supplies of computer chips and other key parts for manufacturers have also gradually eased, with production recovering, according to analysts. “The recent cheap yen that came on top of the gradually improving supply chain is believed to have worked as a factor to brighten sentiments among big manufacturers,” said Toshihiro Nagahama, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Group.