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About Atricure Inc

AtriCure, Inc. provides innovative technologies for the treatment of Afib and related conditions. Afib affects more than 33 million people worldwide. Electrophysiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons around the globe use AtriCure technologies for the treatment of Afib and reduction of Afib related complications. AtriCure's Isolator ® Synergy™ Ablation System is the first and only medical device to receive FDA approval for the treatment of persistent Afib. AtriCure's AtriClip ® Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion System products are the most widely sold LAA management devices worldwide.


Have 20 Bucks? 7 Low-Priced Stocks That Could Double by 2025
Jun 28, 2024 10:50am

Low-priced stocks to buy with the potential to double within the next year or so have inherent appeal for investors. Individual shares are affordable making it relatively easy to establish a stake. In this case, I’ve chosen the arbitrary price level of $20. All of the shares discussed in this article are priced between $20 and $25. Each share is also projected to double in price over the next 12 to 18 months. Make no mistake about it, this is risky investing. However, at this price range we aren’t talking about penny stocks , so we have at least graduated above that level of risk. Make your own individual determination as it relates to the amount of risk you are willing to assume. As for industries, there’s a reasonably diverse offering of companies represented here. As expected, there are a few biotechnology firms that are well represented at the penny stock level. Let’s take a look at these companies to buy for growth and their stocks. AtriCure (ATRC) Source: Dmytro Zinkevych / AtriCure (NASDAQ: ATRC ) is a stock representing a manufacturer and seller of devices used in the surgical ablation of cardiac tissue and other ablation procedures.

Insider Buying: Chief Technical Officer Salvatore Privitera Acquires Shares of AtriCure Inc (ATRC)
May 31, 2024 23:00pm

Insider Buying: Chief Technical Officer Salvatore Privitera Acquires Shares of AtriCure Inc (ATRC)